Kvit presents : Mail Art

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Vernissage Friday June 2nd 17.00


The Mail Art Exhibition opening at Kvit Galleri Friday June 2nd
is the culmination of a six month long open call which resulted in over 200 contributions from 15 different countries.

Kvit Galleri was interested in investigating what would emerge from limiting artists work to fit into an envelope sized A4 that were to be sent to the gallery by mail and slid through the narrow mail slot.

Works from 31 Danish and international artists were chosen to be a part of the exhibition.



Nicolas Lillo

Samuel Åhlman

Niels Munk Plum

Dagne Aurora Karevoll

Thomas Hansson

Eskil Bast

Henrique Hinnerfeldt

Truls Rukke Hjelmark

Hermanni Keko

Susanne Cromwell


Christian Klintholm

Ekin Su Koc

Hedvig Biong

Marius Moldvær

Scott Henry Elliot

Rachel Bowen

Filip Vest

Morten Bo Johansson

PAKKAUS Kollektiv


Tomas Nilsson

Christoffer Eide

Sebastian Eriksson

Eggs McManus

Rikke Sund Carlsen