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Inga Sund Hofset /// Shifts

Kvit galleri 24.02.17 17.00



Yonder the mountains escapes, or rather, we leave them; we sail away from.

The sky is filled with particles which break the light into waves.


You tighten the rope.



Inga Sund Hofset works with painting, installation and text. By exploring possibilities of the image, language and material, she creates narratives which both make use of and escapes words. Personal stories, recognition and association are central in the meaning-making. Her paintings serve a special attention towards the body; this is often reflected in the scale of the painting or in the installation which is much concerned with the architecture and the presence of the viewer. The paintings are usually followed by literary titles or other use of text. In Hofset’s work, the abstraction is representative; it formulates something concrete which is abstract.

Inga Sund Hofset (born 1983, Ringerike, Norway) lives and works in Oslo. She holds a Masters degree in Fine Arts from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2016).


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Photos: Inga Sund Hofset