Siff Pristed/Marie Boye Thomsen /// ØJET

ØJET /// June 10th- June 14th

Vernissage June 10th 17-22


Mini concert with Time Masters

Saturday 11th 14-17

Sunday 12th 14-17

Monday 13th 16-18

Tuesday 14th 16-18


Siff Pristed 

Marie Boye Thomsen




Siff Pristed and Marie Boye Thomsen deals with the tapestry as cultural product, form and narrative medium.
The two have over a longer period worked with a portrayal of erotic and pompous tapestries, that through sensuality, experimenting and play with materials investigates how to rethink the tapestry.

Inspired by George Batailles Histoire de l’oeil, a surreal and scandalous novel dealing with forbidden sexuality, mutilation and death, Pristed and Boye Thomsen has created a theatrical universe of tapestries, that creates spaces, and stories.




Vernissage June 10th 17-22

Mini concert with Time Masters



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