About Kvit

KVIT was a gallery and artist workspace located at Blågaardsgade 31 in Copenhagen. As a space for contemporary artists, KVIT served the purpose of a platform for unfolding ideas as well as exhibiting them. Founders Ingjerd Heggem Nergaard and Astri Styrkestad Haukaas, who are both active artists, shared the ambition of creating a window to expose Danish and international contemporary artists.

KVIT is a dynamic space and is not limited by the boundaries of any art form, but can be the home of visual arts, performances, music and literature. Both hailing from a diverse praxis, the founders are driven by a desire to expose them all, as well as develop the profound synergies that erupts between them.

In January 2020 Kvit closed its physical space but will live on as an online archive and as a future potential. Kvit was a space created by the people and the artists that passed trough the space, engaging, sharing, creating and participating.