Lasse Årikstad /// My Ego Is My Amigo

August 5th–13th


Solo show Lasse Årikstad


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Saturday 12-16

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Lasse Årikstad, (NO, b.1983). Works primarily with painting, sculpture, collage, installation and drawing.

In his artistic production Lasse Årikstad works with recontextualization and transformation of objects. The poetry of everyday life. Architecture and the site specific. Pop culture mixed with a sense of humour in edition to more formal questions dealing with colour, form, texture, contrasts and materiality, which are all significant components in his ouevre.

He has exhibited in New York, Berlin, Guangzhou, Russia, Romania, Latvia, Denmark, and numerous places in Norway, including Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Bergen Kunsthall, Hordaland Kunstnersenter and Galleri f15.
In 2014 he received Sørlandets Kunstmuseums prize for young artists and was as one out of 16 artists chosen to participate in the exhibition Ung. Lovende.
His works has been purchased to several private collections, among them the legendary musician and producer Brian Enos collection and Sørlandets Kunstmuseum.

For the exhibition in Kvit, My Ego Is My Amigo, Lasse will be showing collages, sculptures, paintings, bricollage and woodcuts.




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